Lisa Fato-Lanier

She’s always been right on target when she gives me messages from my loved ones who are no longer with us. She herself is literally like I’m with an angel. I used to speak with her on the phone a lot but luckily when I moved back to the area Ive had the honor of being able to do face to face with her. I’ve referred many friends and family member to her and I always get the call saying how much they loved her and how she was right on target.
My Mother knew her well from her monthly class she would attend and the night before my Mom passed my Dad came through, which he often did. Anyway my Mom called me that night to let me know my Dad came through. No kidding, I thought, because he always came through. She relayed the message from my Dad who told her, Just 1 more and everything will be okay. She assumed that meant her boyfriend who was going to need another surgery would be okay. He also told her that her children and grandchildren would be okay. The other message was there would be a big celebration with a lot of people and a lot of food. Well, Mom thought he was talking about her 75th Birthday-that was coming up. He could never keep a secret here on earth because he would get so excited. I told my Mom it sounded to me like someone was going to pass away. Maybe 1 more day, 1 more month, 1 more year because he never used the word celebration here on earth. He was 💯 Italian with a very strong accent. A Birthday was a Birthday to him. Not a celebration. The next Morning Mom was leaving Deleware to head back to our Family home. I spoke to her as she was pulling in to neighborhood she said she’d call me back after she put her things away. About an hour and a half later my sister called to tell me that when she got to the house she found my Mom In her bed. She had passed away. It’s not just about the messages from above because she’s been accurate on but also the things that are going on in my life that she would have no idea about. Whenever I leave her office or hang up the phone with her I feel like a whole new , happy , energetic person. I LOVE Rev Donna! I wish I could talk to her everyday!