Rev. Donna McEntee is a graduate of One Spirit Interfaith Seminary, NYC, and is an Ordained Interfaith Minister. Her ministry for over 10 years has been through her pastoral care work with hospice patients and their families. During sessions as an Intuitive Spiritual Counselor and Psychic Medium, Donna works with each person with an open heart and mind. Her absolute faith in the work she is doing keeps her centered in love. Her goal is to help her clients realize their highest potential through divine guidance and direction.
Donna’s ability is in clearly receiving and relaying the loving guidance spirit communicates to her and through her. She states: “Through my work as a psychic and medium I have come to realize that we all receive help and guidance from the world of spirit. That includes those who have passed over, angels and spirit guides. It truly is not a question of whether we can hear or feel their presence.  What I now know, without any question at all, is that these angelic, loving energetic beings, whether loved ones who are crossed over, angels or guides, wish to communicate with us as much as we wish to hear from them.”  This guidance is a blessing of unequaled opportunity and not to be missed. Rev. Donna McEntee brings to all the message of hope and of a love that transcends this world.